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I started driving my moms '04 Jetta diesel tdi last week after the car had been in our garage and not been started only 2 times . I had to inflate 3 tires, give it a jump and it was running good w/out any problems until yesterday the coolant/water light came on. I add coolant/water and the light stays on and starts to overheat. Is it normal for hose clamps or whatever to fall off? Unfortunately I'm the youngest of 4 sisters and like my dad they don't even know how to change a flat. So please, can someone give me some advice and car advice only, you can imagine what I've been told to do with clamps etc... I can't afford to take this car to a VW dealer I'm hoping it's just something simple that on a long shot I could correct myself. Thank You very much
How long have you had this problem? A few days
Car still starts easy and does idle. Sound it is making reassembles exhaust leak at manifold. Fuel filter was checked and found almost plugged. I suspect stuck intake valves. Am I on the right track?
part #s 038971782C, 038907281C
Can the parts be purchased aftermarket or do I have to get it from the dealer?
shakes when I come to a stop.
how do I fix this where can I find the part. Its like the little bar isn't staying place once I open trunk from inside the back seat there is this little bar that is not staying in place.
when the light fron glow plug and engine on my 2004 jett flash it pulsates into the fuel pump and have a relay clicking in the dash i think its a 53 relay please help
I tried turning it off by depressing the cruise control "cancel" button to no avail.
It happens at high rpms and it sounds like a problem with the intake system. Maybe an air leak or a turbo issue. It is not a belt.
Okay first of all, the engine was ran low on oil, obvioulsy causing it to heat up. I understand that this most likely killed all the sensors. The engine turns over, therefore it is not ceased. (Thank God) It is in proper time, and has new timing belt. It will run when starting fluid is sprayed in the intake for as long as you spray it. It will also start up and run a second or two then die under normal start conditions with no starting fluid spray, however only last a few seconds then dies. The TCM, ECM were replaced, electrical system reset, power drain performed. The battery is new and has good cold cranking amps. The Crankshaft and Camshaft positioning sensors replaced, Alternator replaced, Fuel injection pump replaced, In tank lift pump replaced, fuel filter replaced. All fuses are good. Pretty much the entire fuel system has been replaced. I removed the glow plugs and can see (mist) getting pushed out under pressure indicating the injectors are spraying, and there is good compression in the cylinders. Note: the glow plugs have also been replaced. There is no power in the glow plug wiring harness standing by, however and the glow plug light mil-light is on. I ran jumper wires to each glow plug causing them to heat up. Still not starting. Possible Glow plug relay or wiring harness need thinking but what else could it possibly be in this platform?
I replaced me MAF sensor due to a fault code. Now the code came back after i cleared it. They show 2 different engines for 2004 Jetta a ALH and a BEW. The part that was sold to me was for the ALH should this matter does it need the MAF for the BEW engine.
In the 2004 VW JETTA TDI repair manual it tell me to use only FACTORY VW antifreeze(red type). I was told by autozone and advance auto that I could use Prestone all weather / all model type antifreeze (green type color). Why is VW so adamant about using their antifreeze...Is is a tech/mechanical issue or just a money grabber scheme...HELP
The ESP light comes on in a curve and then it makes a loud noise?
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