2003 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Questions

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I'm sure i already know the answer but is there ways to pad s smog check with that code on our do i have to fix it first?
Shop wants $3000.00 for the used one installed with a 3month warranty 34,000 miles on it? My car runs good I service it always but can't decide on a reduilt ? With a year or two warranty please help? I'm a disable veteran low income and I'm paying cash I live in Garden Grove CA 92843
have not checked codes yet.
if it will show up, I can get an obd11.
My transmission seems to "disengage" randomly. I have no power to accelerate. This occurs whether the engine is warm or cold and is rather unnerving in traffic. I initially was able to "reset" it by putting the transmission in neutral and then back into drive but now even that no longer works. I've had the car in the shop for this issue three times and have spent over $4000 (glow plugs, computer, electrical sensor) and it has only temporarily fixed the problem that keeps coming back. I'm frustrated because I love the car but I can't even sell it in this condition. I've been told it is probably the transmission throttle body, but the individual is not a certified mechanic. Any suggestions?
If you have any suggestions!!!
Please Help!
2003 Manual transmission TDI (240,000 miles) stalls when idling with AC on. Today before it stalled out the glow plug light started flashing and the check engine light came on (just checked this happens with or without AC on) the fuel filter was just replaced, the AC compressor was replaced 2000 miles ago, glow plugs replaced 10 months ago. Not sure if I have one problem or multiple problems...any advice?
It's getting fuel,but doesn't run.What can we look for to fix it?
Some times check engine light comes on.
Obviously, when I stop and shut engine off it will reset.
This only happens going up hill, and is intermitent.
When the light comes on, it shows an overrev code.
lack of power
My mechanic says its the transmission and it will have to be replaced. the car runs fine. the only problem is that the check engine light s on, what can I do to fix it. when the check engine light is cancelled by code it comes back on in the next half hour.
I've tryed prying the door with a credit card when the switch on the door is pulled. Looked for fuses but don't think it uses one.
i somtimes get it to work if i shut car off problem comes back but not all the time.
I had the A/C on and after a short while my car started to squeak loudly, like it was 50yrs old. This does not occurs when A/C is not on. I thought maybe it was the shocks but the car does not bounce.
I was told the left and right lower control bushings are dry and cracked. I was also told that the left front-end linkage is broken. I don't have the money currently to have a shop do the repairs so was hoping it might be possible to do ourselves. Are there any special tools we need? Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated.
They had been working for years, just add fluid and go. They ran out of fluid, we added, and they quit. HELP!!
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