2002 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Questions

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I've disconnected aftermarket stereo and looked for K line but don't know color of wire or what to do from there?
It was running fine about 8 months ago when I parked it. When I decided to start it up a couple of weeks ago it had no power so I got the battery replaced and now it cranks but won't turn over. it also has a news starter that I replace about a month before I PARKED IT.
2002 Jetta tdi jumps out of 5th gear
How do I know for sure if it's the torque converter I can feel it spinning in floor but I can put car in neutral and it stop but other than that ever gear it does it even park plz help
puddle of tranny fluid under the car and im try ing to figure out where the fluid leaked from any suggestions where tostart my search/?
I just bought a 02 Jetta TDI with 90,000 miles. For the first hour after I bought it it drove and shifted fine. Then I noticed that it felt like it slipped a little in 3rd gear but not bad. While getting on the interstate I noticed it seamed a little worse. Buy the time I got home it was doing some strange shifting and almost tried skipping 3rd and going to 4th then back down to 3rd. Not sure if this is something normal on Volkswagens or if is something to worry about. Had plans on taking it in for the timing belt and getting a second key and remote but would like to get this transmission thing figured out first. Do they have filters in these transmissions that need to be changed? I haven't even had time to look at the service schedule on these to see if it may have missed a trans service. Any help or advice is welcome. Thanks.
One cable came loose... must be worn cir-clip.

my 2002 Jetta TDI has left to right play in the front end and is getting worse. No noise. Up on stands i can move both front tires slightly horizontally but not vertically (top and bottom of tire). when i do this the shock rotates slightly as well. There is a small amount of slop in the control arm at the ball joint on both sides. Is this natural or the problem??
Any suggestions,Thank you so much!
need to know what brake pads to order without seeing the car
When in stop and go traffic or when the car is very slow moving when I apply my brakes the car feels like I have been rear ended. That is how violent the brakes apply. Doesnt happen all of the time. Some days never, others 4 to five times. Scares the hell out of me!!!! Pedal feels fine.
Can anyone tell me why the wire that run from alt to the fuse panel on top of the battier to get so hot and when it got that hot my AC wont work which the fans run to the fuse panel also on top of the battier.
One night I lost my dash light to an shout in my dash dimmer switch I got a new one and put it in but I still have no lights on my dash on any of the dash panels. I check the fuse panel and the fuses are all good is there some other fuse or relay some were else on my 2002 VW Jetta
TDI 1.9
When I disconect starter selenoid wire and use remote starter to start car it starts fine. So no 12 volts to starter selenoid. I checked the switch on the clutch pedal. 12 volts going in and out with key in start position. When you press cluth pedal down power in but not out. What should I check next. ignition key??? fuse somewhere??? I have no wiring diagram or knowledge of where componetes are to test or how to test. I do have a volt ohm meter and 12 volt test light and know how to use them. thanks. Steve
alternator charges battery, seems that the alternator wire too the battery get too hot. battery does not overcharge. I replaced alt. starter and battery ( they were old anyway ). I removed all fuses at fuse block and the power wire still draws amps from the battery. help. when I disconnect the power wire to the fuse block my engine cooling fans turn on but do not reach fan speed.
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