2001 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Questions

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I have had other repairs done, mostly vacume. pump and lines, also brakes. On any outing with long or steep hills I connot maintain speed. I have no trouble light showing
is the injection pump supposed to stop like that?
In the drivers door, does it need a fuse to be changed, if so where is the fuse box. Thanks
hinge adjusts how far door opens and keeps it open broke off
In about 2003 lack of power diagnosed by VW dealership to be caused by carbon buildup (in manifold if I recall correctly). I recall being informed there was a small hole through the accumulation of carbon in which to take in Co2. I do not recall what the replacement part was, if any, but VW did state this issue was identified in a Technical Bulletin. This was repaired at no cost.Fast forward to 2012 and 240,000 miles later I have had absolutely no other performance or mechanical issues other than normal wear (brakes; battery; etc). However, over the last fuel tank the engine has symptoms that could be described as similar to the former carbon buildup issue. The difference being that the loss of power is minimal and intermittent and not causing any ability to effectively operate the vehicle,whereas in 2003 it was continual low power issue. It is now December and perhaps tank condensation is causing this problem (I hope). Fuel conditioner has been added after burning fuel to reserve level. 200 miles later I am still getting occasional pulses of power shortage, mostly at above 40 mph. Perhaps the conditioner/water eliminator has t obe worked through 1 or more tankfuls before all water is removed...If after this tank or perhaps 1 more tank is emptied and the problem is still there, what else might be the problem? Turbo? perhaps i should buy a Repair manual...Does any know of a free repair manual avaialble on the internet?
I was slowing down, put in the clutch, car died. I let the clutch out and it started back up. Decided to pull off, put in the clutch and it died again and it wouldn't start back up. A friend suggested the fuel pump might be bad.
after you shut it off it runs fine than till next time-heard vaccuum leak pressure reg hose than throttle body -any ideas??????
passenger side tire has wore away and the back of the car serves around in the rain or snow what part need to be repalaced
i have a 2001 jetta tdi when u go to start it in the morinig it wont start i replaced the glow plugs wire harness and relay when its cold out it starts right up but after it runs and it sits for 2 to 4 hrs dosnt start unless you shoot a little either in it
my technician installed a timing belt on a tdi. the car came in running, so we lined everything up according to all data, then removed and replaced the belt. now it will not start. but if you use ether, it will start. we even tried advancing and retarding injector timing but no help
When replacing clutch with a clutch kit does it need to be greased?
anything tricky about changing the oil? Normal drain, change filter, refill?
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