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Every time I turn my heat on my air conditioner turns on. I brought it to the dealership where I purchased the car and I was told that is normal for Volkswagen! I have searched the internet and cannot find an answer.
I believe that long, slow gentle breaking is easiest on the breaks and will prolong their life. My boyfriend believes that last minute, hard breaking is less wear and tear because you aren't using the breaks for as long a time. Besides drastically altering the passenger experience, is one method actually better for the breaks?
I have a wv jetta 2016, a month ago my nephew wanted to drift it and he failed to drift, hit the rear driver side in a curve the driver seat and shoulder airbags blew up. now the car doesnt drive over 30mph. even i replaced everything. is there a fuse that control the speed that stuck by 30mph or there is something that needs to be replaced to let the car drive over 30miles? I appreciate an Idea.
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