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DYI. Just trying to do a radiator flush.
180,000 KM 2014
trouble starting (turns over, faintly catches, then stalls) only after I put gas in the tank regardless of the tank level i.e 1/4/,1/2, ..all other times starts like a charm on the first try.
While driving, my car runs normally. At a stop, my rpm' go from 1 to 2 continuously. I already replaced the valve diaphragm but it did not change. What could it be?
Tried to start my car to go to work like I do every day. However, all I get is a clicking sound and then the dash board lights illuminate. Traction Control light illuminated, TPMS blinking then solid, and a yellow steering wheel symbol. This is the first time this has happened. I also randomly get a blinker light stuck on when I don't even touch the switch. Help!
I just replaced the compressor, which turned out to not be the issue at all as it is still not blowing cold on the highway. Not even the dealer ship can diagnose the problem. My guess, it has a high pressure vacuum leak. But I'm just here for another opinion. The car only has 40k on it and it's the SE model.
Two service dealers can't find problem. Sounds like an oil can popping or something expanding on a hot day. But notice it when I'm turning the steering wheel. Any ideas? Thanks!
Can I use regular fuel instead of premium on my 2014 Tiguan?
coolant cap turns easy at first then tightens right up .Afraid of breaking it
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