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My radiator fan is cracked. I want to make sure my car don’t overheat but what are the signs
The front fender is hanging off on the drivers side. How much would it cost to repair, or would it need to be replaced totally.
had car 3 months and never did this till this morning any ideas
I am able to steer the car, however, when turning the wheel it makes a hissing sound. When I add power steer fluid, it literally running straight thru.
Ii had someone change my stero and when i went to deive it wouldnt shift from park to any other grar and all my light on my dash are light up. I put it on reader and it gave me code u0101 any ideas
I am losing power when i am in gear not touching the clutch only gas and it feels like i have no power.3 gear and up are where i feel it the most
After hitting a pothole I wondered if my tire was ok, but it seemed to drive ok and the TPMS light didn't turn on, so I continued driving. I got on the freeway about 5 minutes later and still no TPMS light. After a mile or two the car began pulling to the side, but still no TPMS light. I pulled over as soon as it was safe to do so, but my tire is now shredded and needs complete replacement. The TPMS light never came on at all!

The dealer just wanted me to buy a new tire, but I'm pissed! I could've been killed because I relied on their faulty TPMS sensor and drove blindly onto the freeway with a damaged tire! Can the diagnostics prove that the TPMS never went on? I don't want to let the dealer brush me off if I can prove I'm right!! Thank you, :-)
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