2012 Volkswagen Jetta Questions

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And the steering wheel isn't locked.
Codes P0507, P0011, P2187, P2402 came up. Do these codes have any part or problem in common? We have changed oil, filter, spark plugs, checked the VVT solenoid. Any ideas where to sart.
Price s 50000 mile check up?
When I use my key pad to lock the doors the horn doesn't beep so I checked the fuses an my traction control an low tire light came on an won't go off
Can anyone help me with this problem
Can anyone tell me how to fix this an where is the horn relay found at
My key pad lock works but the horn or nothing goes off
An my horn doesn't work an the phone button not working and all I did was check the fuse for the horn then all this happened
What would be the problem? Parts? Cost?
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