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What fuse is assciated with the wiring issue related to the converter box protected same fuse used by horn and anti theft device. I have to honk the horn to get my wipers to work and VW corporate and local dealer won't fix under recall!
Does my 2011 Jetta se 2.5 have brake pad sensors
The key broke off in the ignition. When I tried to start the car using pliers and the broken key, it started and shut down immediately. The display says no key and kills the engine.
I ran a obdd2 test an got 001 code
My 2011 Vw Jetta 2.5l when its cold out has been starting rough. When I start it, it starts and right after chuggs and stalls or chugs and then fires up to how it normally is. When it is chugging I think there is black smoke coming out but then it's ok, it does smell abit also when it's tsarted the exhaust. If the car stalls I can start it up and it will be fine second time. It takes abit longer when I turn the key to start up opposed to when the engine is warm. When it is warm out it is fair bit better. drives fine and feels fine. Also when I start it and it shakes and chugs the rpms go very low and it either stalls or builds up and is fine
jetta 2011 engine light on what should I do ?
I have replaced a dead battery in my 2011 Jetta and when I hook it up the horn blows. I have tried locking and unlocking the doors thinking it might be an alarm issue, but that did not help.
Listen to radio with engine off and not wear out battery
fuse pantel dose not say which fuse is for accessories have checked them all out with a tester they all work what's nex t
went to change my headlight lowbeam and the mechanic at the store said it was the wires not the light and he could not fix it that i would have to go to the dealer or where i bought the car.
My car sometime shaking and sometime when I driving when I stop red light my car stop I start again
The car will not shift out of park
Shop found too much voltage from horns. Replaced fuse, repair horn wiring & terminals, replace relay, R&I both horns and replace. 6 weeks later, horn not working. Returned it to shop & they repaired it again. Month later, horn not working.
Horn stopped working. Had it repaired. Horn failed again 6 weeks later. Repaired again. Month later, horn not working.
catalytic converter replaced 2x only has 100,000 miles
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