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how do i know what sedan i have 2010 Volkswagen jetta 2.5 can find out going by the vin #
went over cement merge cracked transmission casing
I have a 2010 VW Jetta. I have not driven the car in months and it has been only in my garage. When I jumped the car and turned it over it says “No Key”. I replaced the keyfob batteries and it still does not work. I don’t have a car start button I have a key. What do I need to do next?
I have a 2010 Jetta. I just degreased the engine. The EPC & check engine lights are now on. The car seems to run OK, little rough idle but no loss of power at highway speeds.

What should I do next? I don't want to spend a lot as the car is for sale.
my tires are locked and I have a green light appear -what can I do ? I cannot drive?
Car runs, brakes, and handles just fine. This was a few hundred miles ago. At first it was only every third or so times I turned the car on, now it's every time.
I have a automatic jetta S with drivable options of sport and/or tiptronic stick shift 5 cylinder gasoline powered vehicle with 2.5 liter engine
The windshiel wiper dont work i try replacing the motor and it was the same so i chack the power and i find out that there is no power going on to the motor
I need to know the location of the output speed sensor on my 2010 Jetta SE 2.5. Please help me!
I replaced remote battery. I can open trunk lid from emergency trunk release by going through back seat. Occasioally can get trunk to open by waving remote near trunk but not consistently. Dealership wants well over 300 to look for problem.
It started as a cooling fan running all the time while key is on. Battery tested fine but will die if the key is in aux. radio has high frq squeal when brakes are used and some times when turning. Seems to be worse in wet weather. Wipers are erratic at times. Check engine light was showing P 2185 -sensor was replaced. CEL comes on for a couple days and goes out for a couple. Low tire light comes on after CEL comes on. Put air in rear tire and it goes but may be a separate issue ( nail etc)
Very inconsistently-not many miles to be transmission?
Clicker sends message to log the doors and alarm sets, none of the 4 doors lock. If you open one of the doors, the alarm goes of. I can lock my driver door with my key, but only that door, leaving 4 doors vulnerable. Quoted $2200 at VW dealer to fix!!!
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