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Electrical problem
I had an issue with the balance shaft in my 2009tsi VW Jetta Wolfsburg, it broke! I'm in the process of replacing it, on the water pump side behind the gear there is an oil seal. What's the proper name of this seal and where can I find one? Thank you
What does the "2-3" mean? And how to change?
The front passenger door does not lock, and the interior lock/unlock light on the door does not turn orange like the other 3 doors when they are locked. It seems to work just fine at times, but then suddenly it won't light up or lock. What could be the problem and how much would it cost to fix the problem?
I have a 09 jetta se, when i am in neutral, car is smooth, when I shift to drive, engine turns forward and it rattles a little. When driving, it is shifts smooth. It looks like the wishbone maybe worn?
my 09 jetta has 140k on it and now when im sitting at idle or in traffic it has a high pitched scream from the passenger side of the car idk what it is but i want it fixed its really annoying and loud so people are always looking!! please help!!!!
FYI check engine light is on but only code that came up was MAP sensor
car was parked for 2 months. It was running fine before that.Not starting now. self starter slips.A picture of a brake blinks on dashboard. The brake pedal is jammed.
The MAP sensor has been replaced.
Ran fine for 100K+ miles. Had accident that broke trans mount and tore trans pan. Replaced parts and began leaking trans fluid from bellhousing. Removed trans, found front seal chewed, pump bushing spun and siezed on TC. Replaced flexplate (suspected bent in accident impact) and trans w/ TC twice. Both times leaks exactly the same almost immediately. Questioning if installation error, but doesn't explain original leak. Must remove trans now for 4th time. Help!!!
The vacuum pump on my '09 Jetta is leaking. Evidently, this is common in the MK5 Jetta. Repair bill is estimated at $1300 by my mechanic. This site estimates a parts cost of $3-500 and a labor cost of $120, to max out at approx $620. What could make up the additional $600 that I am being charged? Am I getting ripped off (as usual)?
when I press on the accelerator the car hesitates and then the engine light blinks often on intermittently
2009 2.0 Turbo Jetta Wolfsburg Eddition 6-Speed
Recently put 4 new coil packs and all new spark plugs on
109k miles
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