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Muffler very loud and on excelleration rattling noise under car
car starts then dies flashes SAFE on the panel. this just started today
I have a 2008 Jetta last night my EPC light came on and the engine light came on. When I pulled into the parking lot my car kind of gave out . I tried to restart it did restart the light was still on. I reset it and it went off until I drive it for 15 minutes. What do I do now ?
I went to back up my Jetta out of a parking spot and it would roll about a foot and stop, almost as if there was a speed bump behind me. I proceeded to put it in first and roll forward same thing, roll about a foot and stop as if there was a speedbump in front of me. I shut it off, turned it back on try to guns, same thing, only this time a little bit of smoke protruded from the hood and all of the transmission fluid ended up on the ground. Any thoughts?
Sometimes when starting car and press on brake, the pedal does not push in and car will roll a little either going front or backing up. Once I get going then seems the brakes do push in.
I just got the car. I pulled the inside lever and it popped up the hood but I can't find any lever under the hood to release the second latch. I have a 2008 jetta 2.5
Tire pressure checked. New tpms sensors Tire shop and mechanic don’t know what to do. Can you help?
My 2008 Jetta 2.5L now has 150K miles and has never had any cooling system issues. Should I have system flushed as a precaution? I have seen some recommendations to simply add coolant as needed.
2008 volkswagen jetta
I have fluid all over the engine bay and down the side of the car it looks like brake fluid
How long have you had this problem? An hour
Wobble when you turn, slow, accelerate, at 10mph at 55mph! its just a wobble shimmying MESS!! Its MUCH MUCH worse when you press the breaks so i know its Break pads & Rotors. But my question is why when its just driving down the road what more can it be? its worse going down a hill... ive put it in 4 diffrernt shops even a volkswagen specialist they told me it was just shocks but couldnt gurntee me itd fix the wobble just for $2300 (no big deal..) I walked. no thanks. another said the motor mount. another just the rotors. at this point I think its just the WHOLE FRONT END :( it started in 2012 and I just paid it off last week and its WORSE THEN EVER almost seems not drivable or safe.. what could this be...
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Break/Downhill
How long have you had this problem? 3 Years
The AC takes for ever to start cooling . I have to drive the car for at least 10 mins to start feeling the least bit of cooling coming out.
What fuse is for the cigarette lighter? My fuse box is located under the hood.
Want to put bigger engine in my 08 Jetta , looking for horses power
Car needs new cool fan motor assembly, new air injection pump and a new transmission. They tried servicing the transmission but it slips between 3 and 4th gear.
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