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Scanner indicates both fault codes may be related to catalytic converter, O2 sensor(s), or exhaust leak.
Kerosene was pumped into the car. I was told some European vehicles have an anti syphon system. Does a Volkswagen Jetta 2007 have this system to prevent it from being syphoned?
shifting perking
Traction light won’t go off and rear brake lights are staying on. No other lights on on the dash
Car stalls after driving about 30-40 min in 90 degrees +. Problem occurs faster the hotter it is. Stop car, restart it and fires back up perfectly. Drive about 20-60 seconds car stalls again. Often times I can spam the gas petal and it will kick the car back on. Car runs perfectly and idles perfectly. No check engine light or codes. In the last 3 months I've replaced spark plugs, fuel filter/pump, Maf sensor, coil, cleaned throttle body, taken out and checked and inspected alternator at specialist, Air filter, injectors cleaned.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Hot
How long have you had this problem? Month
i had transmission problem and i changed the seal,pump and oil after then i noticed it drags when i shift the gear to drive sometimes i need to push it before it move and shifts normal when it change to other gears. also i notice after the service the manual shifting stop working and when the gear get hot its makes iron sound on shifting to drive.
please how do i solve this issue.
How long have you had this problem? weeks
engine light on code reads transmission control module
Gears shift without a problem until engine temperature gets to 90. Then gear shifts become unpredictable and violent.
What kind of transmission fluid it takes and how many quarts to put in
While driving the car stalls but still drives then the esp light comes on and after a few seconds the car cuts out and when I restart the car goes into limb mode
Power steering light is on when I took the car to VW the service guy at first said the rack was leaking then came back and said its the module but when I google power steering module nothing comes up. So Im not sure if i should look into replacing the rack or not.
Heating pressure blow hose off over drain bottle
I own a 2007 vw jetta at this time is doing somethig thatit isvery dangerous for no apparent reazon the engine shots down all the ligths go off and not even the emergency ligths work and it happen anyware I get no check engine warning ligth so Iwhait maybe 10 minutes than insert the key and some times start again but some time it souns like the battery dosen,t habe enough power than it will start again and it may run OK for a week or two and agin the same thing PLEASE SOME ONE IF YOU HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM LETME KNOW IF YOU WARE ABLE TO FIX IT THANK YOU.
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