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hello and good day!
i recently purchased a 2006 volkswagen jetta on the street with 120,000 miles. Its been great, other than the check engine light coming on(doesnt blink) due to the catalytic converter(code p0420). The thing is, the owner changed one of the o2 sensors because the light was also on prior me buying it. He told me to change the other sensor first to see if that fixes the issue. Could it be the other o2 sensor or a spark plug? Also, i have read that a solution to clean the Cat converter is to put lacquer thinner in the gas tank and run it through, would that be a good safe solution? Thank you for your time! an answer and help would be much Appreciated!

Please help!

Just bought a 2006 Volkswagon Jetta GLI and the engine light is on and the Trouble codes are P-2008 and P-2015.

Can you please help by advising me what these codes represent?

Thank you,

John Frank
what causes my fan to all of a sudden stop working
Put in key try to turn over nothing happens battery is good radio comes on head lights work will not come out of park center lights on dash come on but none of the ignition lights come on it does nothing not a click not a noise nothing key wont even turn to auxiliary it does nothing
it was only working on 4 high and now the blower won,t blow at all thankyou
2006 ve Jetta xm redid has only 800 number to call had no channels any way together channel 001 to show
the fan knob is not working
looking for the blower fan fuse location and amperage
Dash says that my hood and trunk lid are open and my wipers don't work when the car is running , I've changed the fuse for the wipers , still the same , when I lock the doors with the remote the alarm goes off about every 15-20 minutes any help would be appreciated greatly, thanks
So I went to fill up my car with gas and the gauge is still marking less then a quarter tank after filling it
My cars traction control system is not working and the traction light on the dash will not turn off will this stop me from being able to get my car registered and inspected in northern Utah
It would stay started but when you push the gas it would not idel up the lights would come on but the dash and radio went completely out when jumper cables are hooked up. Everything goes back to normal for a few seconds
my car used to tell me miles til empty. now it tells me miles per gallon. how do I change it back?
If I leave my car for more than 24-48 hours, my battery completely dies. I have to take it somewhere that has a battery charger to get it working again. Why is my car draining my battery this bad? How do I fix it?
One day when I tried to shift into reverse, I heard a weird noise and my reverse no longer worked. That was a week ago, and it hasn't started working yet. What do I do?
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