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Engine light is on so I cant pass a smog check. Car runs fine and leaks just a very small bit of oil..nothing major. Everything else seems to working just fine on the vehicle

I was driving down the road and my speedometer just dropped to 0 mph so i don't know how fast i am going. Just wondering what I need to fix the problem and need to know where the speed sensor is located in the engine bay.

This is similar to my previous question about electrical issues with the car. At random times, with the AC on full blast, I will notice a burning smell from the vents. It will go away after a while, but honestly I'm worried the car may explode on me.

I'm assuming this is an electrical issue. About a year ago, my windows began rolling up and down on their own. This includes the sunroof which will open at random times. The radio and lights work fine, and I can easily roll the windows back up if they open on their own.

Why does a 2005 Jetta GLI Automatic transmission Jerks when shifting fro first to second?

Jetta, 1.8 turbo, 6 speed manual transmission, having trouble pushing shifter into 1st gear, balance gears are ok and smooth. No issues in pick up and driving, only annoying during traffic time, and I have to lift up in 2nd gear because I'm unable to push into 1st gear. Sometimes reverse gives issues, but not that as bad as 1st. 1st gear sometimes can work, but I have shift really fast and sometimes, very seldom it will allow me to shift in 1st, any advise would be very much appreciated, thanks!

when I turn my ac and heat on no air will blow out until the highest setting (4) but when on 4 the air that is blowing is air from the outside so it is not the ac or heat. I replaced the fan switch and that made it work for about a week. it just broke again. please help me

Driving for a while When at a light or stop sign give the car gas the rpm increased then a jolt

How do you fix the problem?


i can't pair my phone with the cars bluetooth. it's never visible. I tried with diferent phones but is not working. I tried to reset the bluetooth module, that is under the driver seat, but same result. Any advice for me?


The dual air conditioning is blowing cold air on the passanger side, even if the temperature is at maximum high. Also in the back cold air. The driver side works fine. What can i do guys?

I bought this car about three months ago and found a switch that the previous owner had installed while he had it. it is a simple off/on switch and if you are not going to drive the car for a couple of days you have to put the switch in the off position because it turns all the electrical off in the car. my question is what is draining the battery when the ignition switch is off and out of the car? other than that I love the car. I bought the car at an auction. thank you.

It's a California car need to pass smog. It's a dealership only catalic converter they want 1700$ for it. Carhas 147000 miles. Not try to spend that kind of money when the car it's worth ruffly the same amount as the cat.

it begin to idle between 700/2000 rpm,also it has a loud whistling sound. I have cleaned maf sensor,replaced spark plugs and air filter