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Cranks but won't turn over
vw jetta gls 2.0 98,000 miles engine A


Also have other codes 2177, 3212, 0455, 3081, spark plugs 300.3003, 302 cyc 2 misfire.

I'm torn fix or sell AS IS!
My emergency flashers are stuck in the steady on position after the car is turned off. I have disconnect the battery, and reconnected after 10 mins. The lights are still stuck in the steady on position.
my VW jetta 2004 goes into reverse well but forward very slowly and rpm goes over very slow.and pulls away very slowly also..
We get heat but not a lot for along time and the temperature gauge goes up and down and we have a temperature light on but is not over heating. This is a 1.8 engine
El carro no prende solo se escucha que quiere arrancar pero no prende y dice la computadora que es el P0864
The car stutters at the beginning of acceleration and the car just cut off at a complete ✋.
I had my car towed to a shop. They told me that I needed a new ECU. I was told by some that I could do it at home. Others told me that I would have to have it programmed. Can I do it in my yard??
Small hit to the front of vehicle nothing major car cranks but does not start
2004 Jetta 1.8t
fuel pump works sometimes then shuts off at any time
What seems to make the problem better or worse? doesnt matter
How long have you had this problem? a few weeks
I need to have fixed asap
i've set the timing, but when I rotate 1 full turn they no longer line up
Having problem with water inside drivers side floor and passenger floor and trunk probably from sunroof...was reading your website and I saw a post stating that there was a recall for this same problem but when I called dealership to get this problem fixed, they said there was not a recall for this.This answer appeared on a May 2010 post. My question is asking was there a recall or not?
Usually after driving for about 30'minutes or so I will start to feel my car rattle. It only happens at higher speeds and when I'm accelerating. As soon as I step off the gas it stops rattling. If I use cruise cromtol it constantly rattles until turned off. It's only got 124k on it. Fresh oil change. Any idea why?
History- (short)
1. Currently having leaks of coolant popping up continuously everywhere it seems. going on for about 3 months.
2. Engine makes a ticking sound and becoming more progressive with time.
3. starting to smell gas in oil. immediately after I changed it.
4. Malfunction light- exhaust temperature sensor is a problem. Could this alone be the cause for the rest?
5. Had radiator replaced 3-5 months ago.
6. Temperature sensor use to be an ongoing issue and have had thermostat "stuck". Need to check still.
7. Keep noticing that my coolant reserve cap keeps coming loose. seems to shut Ok though.
8. Had the "engine block only" replaced 1.5 years ago with used block from junk yard. Problem caused by a lack of oil. Had oil change one month prior though and had checked it days before engine failed. (deal seemed shady and oil changed by the same guy who "replaced" the engine).
There was no compression in the engine. I saw this done myself but I would have believed whatever he showed at the time.

Rough idle, car engine burns hot but thermo-gauge doesn't show this.
I had used those STOP LEAK pellets for the coolant at one time, before radiator was replaced.
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