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I had a check engine light and the had to replace the o2 sensor. I also changed my plugs and cleaned the fuel injectors recently. I have driven 1000+ miles highway and local after changing the o2 sensor, But the EVAP and air flow cycles are note complete and I cannot get my inspection done.
Thank you in advance for all your help
I recently replaced the thermostat on my 2003 Jetta 4 cylinder. The engine temperature is normal at 190F. However, I cannot adjust the inside blower temperature. It is always hot. The fan works and the heat can be directed to defrost, vent and floor.
I replaced the catalytic converter about 3 months ago. When I accelerate quickly the malfunction indicator light that is on starts flashing. The car hesitates but once I let up on the accelerator & keep an even speed it stops blinking is just lit up. My manual says a blinking indicator light is an emission issue with my catalytic converter but the 413 code says secondary air pump open circuit.
happened one time before but then started.
car makes noise if I go over 74 mph and the RPMs are running around 3500 at that speed.
car automatically restarts but usually will does it three times then will go for thirty minutes then will repeat. I have had two different VW shops try to find problem no luck. dealership wants to change out ABS module at $$$$$.
could it be a connection problem or bad ground
I'm not sure of where to find this answer and i need to replace my gas tank. i have the booklet that came with the car however it doesn't specify either.
Our VW stalls at freeway speeds ocassionally. Lasts for about 3 full seconds then throttle response comes back. Happens a few times a week.
i was adviced to change the crank shaft possesion sensor the next day and i did but it is stil not starting or giving sparks,what could be wrong? please help
oil pressure light was on, drain oil and from the metal then, is that the main bearing?
car over heated, had all part for cooling system replaced, motor runs rough, check engine light on, with miss fire and cam adjustment, what is wrong, had one place tell me to replace motor, that cant be, car runs fine, just sound like crap.
car won't accelerate over 40mph. fuel filter was really dirty as was air filter
the car runs hard like the engine is going to jump out terrible at startup and it seems like it is not getting gas.I had a diagnostic done and they told me i needed a crank shaft sensor temperature sensor o2 sensor and possibly a thermostat. i have changed everything except the o2 sensor car still runs terrible and sometimes it will not start. I have replace spark plugs wires and iginition coil timing belt serpentine belt all within the last year. I am at 147,000 miles.
oil light on even after adding oil
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