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So I've had misfiring issues since I bought the car till now. Current issue I have now is semi responsive coil, firing.

I have replaced all 4 plugs, all 4 coils, and even all 4 coil connectors. 3 of the 4 are great and fire perfectly, however there is just 1 that cuts in an out, all the time. Sometimes it will start firing, so it runs on all 4, then it will cut out and then I'll be stuck running on 3. Any ideas on what's going on? Any insight would be appreciated.

Again I have already changed all 4 plugs, 4 coils, and rewired 4 new coil connectors, yet I still have misfiring issues. Thanks!

It has weak ignition spark

Will purchase rebuilt engine need price to install only

sounds only while car is moving in drive or reverse


Fortunately I do not need a smog check this year but if I still have the car I will need one in 2015

Told I needed them within the next 3 to 4 months

I was diving and a knocking noise started,,come to find out I blew a spark plug

I have a 2003 wolsburg edition. Its a 5 speed manual. after taking the car out of gear and turning the key off the whole car loses power (radio turns off without taking the key out and head lights turn off without turning off the switch) so you can not start it and if you hit the brake at all, all the lights will dim. The only way to correct the problem that I have found is by disconnecting the battery which resets everything thus allowing the car to start right back up. any info on this would be awesome.

The code comes up as po413 vacuum leak. Does anyone know how to remove the push rod from the. Pedal without having to buy the t10006a tool? How ridiculous to have to spend $59 on a tool that u won't ever use again! Any ideas?

At first i had a problem with the temperature light,it was blonking so i change the coolant sensor temp now my engine light is on and i can't drive the car...i press the gas but the car feels like it's dying under me