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New problem, turned over, but sounded flooded, extreme cold temps out
Epc light came on ,got car home ,happened 3/days before Christmas ,2018 can not get it in to mechanic for 4/days how lung can it rest before it can get it in to vw mechanic ?dawn belmar nj1/2/18. no noises ,not sure of leaks ,had a lot of work done in oct 2017 at vw dealership ,thank you
The temperature gauge stayed at 190 and had little smoke under the hood by the time I got it home
Erratic lock operation.
have two tcm doesn't make any difference. Where is the speed sensor and would that make a difference.
Started this morning odometers are froze and not moving and The clock in the dash will not change off the time of 647. also the keyless entry will lock but not unlock and it all started at the same time.
What type of transmission fluid do I put in my VW Jetta 2003
How long have you had this problem? A couple weeks
Started making pinging sound from front passenger side of motor. Next day it died while n motion. It cranked once after that but just for seconds made a loud back firing noise died and hasn't cranked since.
drives forward just fine
what should I do happens almost monthly
Emergency brake is off brake pads are good. Not sure if e brake and EPC are related in anyway to each other.
Car cranks normally but will not catch and turn over. Just installed new stereo minutes ago and car performed perfectly b4 that. I am suspecting a fuse or relay but have no idea what a relay is and don't even begin. To know which fuse to pull. Please help. Pp a is the wife's car so I'm n deep Doo Doo 911 help!!!!
The 2003 is dying, the 2005 needs an AC system. I would like to take the system from the 2003 before I junk it. Will the AC lines line up correctly?
What to expect when I try to repair the timing belt. Belt teeth were stripped near crankshaft -top of belt was good. What are some of the common problems mechanics have setting time and replacing belt. Time tdi is way off and not sure where to start and in what order to do it n. Replace tensioner also? Funds are low. Remove motor mount ? I seen on a video. What do I have to do with the computer after repairing belt? I also replaced the crankshaft,camshaft sensors. Reset or program something. Had to Touch terminals together to get car to start after crankshaft sensor replacement. Thanks. Any & all info will be greatly appreciated.
Sometimes when it sits a while it will start back up again and sometimes it may take a day. This happens randomly
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