2002 Volkswagen Jetta Questions

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My electric cuts off every mile i replaced a fuse on top of battery no luck it just goes silent all electric
I was driving and all sudden lost gas pedal
Car is bucking cutting off won't idle sometime and surges while idling already tune up and fuel pump done
Disconnect for 24 hrs
Where's the relay for radiotor fan
Does fan need to run while im driving?
I have a small leak in my radiator is there something I can buy to put in it to stop the leak? 2002 Volkswagen jetta
2002 be jetta won't start in cold weather without a jump or charging the battery.
Start up reverse out driving go to work get in start put in reverse Wont work .push back drive home try reverse again no reverse .leave in maybe 3hours start it reverses what is that
How long have you had this problem? Two yrs
My VW Jetta TDI wagon starts perfect but when i press on the brake to shift into drive, reverse or neutral it won't shift. What would the issue be ? Transmission blown?
How long have you had this problem? a few weeks
Engine died while idiling, will not start
will not shift automatically to "D" always stays in 3 no matter the rpm
did tune up started it up and a p1296 code came out and light smoke started coming out of the muffler
Battery drains down and car dies causing no power at all. When i jumped it off it was running until i put in drive. Then when i pushed accelerator to go nothing happened. Was like it was idling but not accelerating.
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