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New, wires plugs coils and injectors, no vacuum leaks, all emissions hoses routed correctly, pulled plugs cleaned and swapped #3 cylinder with #1 and #6 with #4, cleared dtcs ran the same idled for 12 minutes shut off. waited 2 min. started ran bad for 27 seconds cleared up ran like brand new. idled for 1 hour great no dtcs. Off and on few times great. turned off, sat for 3 hours started up P0300, P0303, P0306, shakes terrible no power smells like gas and a load hissing like a vacuum line or air leak, but none found.
Is it ok to use the foam to clean out my turbo engine
Okay so last night all whitin a matter of an hour my car stalled 3 different times, three different ways and I have no idea why. First time was during acceleration the car bucked and jumped as if it wanted to go but couldn't, pulled over it stalled. Turned key off and started back up in seconds drove normal for about 20 minutes until I got to a stop light where it stalled again. Then again in about 15 minutes where it lost the ability to accelerate but kept a slow speed and then was driving normal again as if it worked it self out.... o and ABSOLULTY NO CODES ARE BEING THROWN!!!
It won't start after replacing the oil pan
I hear its a manufacturers error and a valve in the line to the tank prevents you from fueling fast
not sure what size engine
code po170
fuel trim bank 1
When I turn the key to position 2 it beeps 3 times the EPC, ABS, and immobilizer lights come on. It starts then dies after 2 seconds. Any advice?!

I have unplugged the battery for 20 minutes and restarted as someone recommended. That didn't work. I tried a second key I have that also didn't work. All interior fuses look ok. I haven't Had the 3 on the battery checked yet.
Replaced throttle assembly and o2 sensor and just looked at the ECU and it looked good.
Could it be vacuum line?
Throwing codes p0608 and p0121
TB will not adapt. Reads error on vagcom. ECP light stays on. ABS light on since i purchased car a year ago. Check engine on light intermittently.
Motor shut down probably by the oil pressure switch. Drained oil, replaced oil pan and refilled. Motor cranks but won't start. Was told to replace the pressure switch but still only cranks. No code read on my OBD II reader.
When trying to start engine cranks but don't start , there is power when I connect obd2 to car computer there is no comunication.
i bought the car like that but needs to be inspected before hiting the road...
New battery new starter the fuel pump is making noise and is working could it be a fuse or a computer chip? I kind of think it might be the fuse for the injectors number 32 I believe it is
My abs light will come on and then my e break light will flash and it stops after about a minute but when I shut my car off it won't start back up. All my dash lights disappear the radio won't turn on its like my battery is completely gone. I took my battery out and checked it, had 12 Volts, I put it on the charger and then put it back in, car started right up as if nothing happened... it just happened again too, what could be the issue?
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