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does my 2000 Jetta have an indicator light for transmission
Why driving I recieved a warning on my volkswagon dashboard oil press manual service, what does that mean
Today why driving my volkswagon jetta 2000 model give me a warning oil press manual service stop, what does that mean
When I am driving it display emmision workshop on the screen then it lost from the screen everytime I start driving in the first minute
New wiper system and blades. Only about 2 months ago.
when cables disconnected sided to side is fine. Working dampening weight up and down under hood is stiff (problem internal?)
Trying to get car smogged however cannot do this since engine light is on. Been advised to replace chains and tensioners by one mechanic. Pretest smog failed due to timing calibration fault. Another mechanic advised crank and camshaft position sensors are bad and to replace those first as they affect the timing, then get smogged. Would like to keep car if I can get it smogged yet not sure the sensors replacement would be worth it or if it's worth the money to replace chains and tensioners.
So I went to start my car and it wouldnt start. I have lights and gauges, but when it comes to starting, its a no go. But when I hook up jumper cables or a portable battery charger it starts right up with no problem or issue. The battery is literally 2 days old and had been changed out just in case of a defective battery. So I went thru two new batteries and was told by my neighbor it wasnt the starter or alternator. So what?????
2000 jettA I've. Been taking off fuse to control!
I have replaced coil pack, spark plugs, plug wires, crank position sensor, temperature sensor, mass air sensor, fuel pump, o2 sensors and fuel filter. While driving down the road the car will lose all power you can put your foot to the floor but it will not respond even if you down shift. Then just as suddenly as it lost power it will regain power and act like nothing is wrong. It is showing code p0322 which would suggest crank sensor but this is new less than 2 weeks old. Any legitimate ideas are welcome dont try to feed me a line of bull I do know my way around a garage I am just looking for fresh ideas.
Battery light flickers on and off occasionally while driving. Not on long enough for the alarm beep to sound. Installed a new (refurbished) alternator about a month ago, and battery is less than a year old. Frequency of flashing happening lessened once I turned off the A/C.
The engine light is also on. The car failed smog test.
After replacing the Cam Postion Sensor, Crankshaft Position Sensor, Timing Belt and cleaning all grounds under battery tray I'm still receiving P0341 code. The car is running fine but it's not at full strength. Any suggestions?
I took my car in to the shop and the code P1582 came up..
The check engine came on and the code P1582 popped up what can i do to fix it??
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