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Even when air is not in hot heat comes out vents. No air conditioner for 2 months.
So, when i bought my jetta it had terrible brakes and my father changed the master cylinder. This fixed almost all the brake problems and just to be sure we bled the brakes after my MC was put on to but every now and then when i make either a sharp turn or even a U-turn my brake pedal will still go to the floor and once i pump it a few times goes back to normal. Im fresh out of ideas of what it could be... please help!
When I go more then 60-65mph my Jetta suddenly reduces speed as if I hit the brakes, first the EPC light comes on and then my check engine. Afterwards it won't accel more than 45 mph. The lights eventually go away when I turn the car off and turn it back on a few hours later. I don't have this problem while driving locally though. Only on the highway at a higher speeds. I have no idea what can be causing this. Anyone have any solutions?
replaced old cracked intercooler and car ran better, i assumed that the oil was due to cracked part and would be fixed by closing the system but new one filled with oil also and produced large plume of smoke upon accelleration
I recently replaced the ignition coil pack, (shorted out)the car starts now, BUT IT WAS NOT SHIFTING, I cleared the computer memory and took it for a ride. The transmission NOW SHIFTS, but now the fans keep cycling on and off, and the(again) I have the issue of the radio inoperable. DISPLAYS. .SAFE 1000 ANY HELP WOULD BE GREAT, THANKS, MIKE
Was shifting only 1, 2 and3 no 4 had codes showing sensors not getting to TCM replace the two sensors and erase the codes now went to first and won't shift no more with no trouble codes. Can someone help???
I have a 2000 Jetta V6, that sometimes goes into limp mode and does a weird shift.

To be more specific: Sometimes the car shifts into the next gear, mainly around 30mph goes down to about 750rpm and any gas I put into it (using the pedal) just increases the rpm, but does not speed up the car. The car is in gear, since it does not slow down, it however does not shift back down either. By sometimes, I mean I cannot show the problem, whenever I want to. It only seems to happen, if the car engine is warm.

I sometimes get the trouble code P0722 (no data from speedometer), but I had that replaced a week ago and the car shifts at the correct rpm/speed. It sometimes goes into limp mode, displaying that emission fault code.

I had it at a mechanic, who looked at the car, replaced the speedometer and took 340$for that. (1 hour of diagnostics, 90 for the speedometer and 1 hour replacing the speedometer). Now, since the car works just fine most of the time, I hope the fix won't be anything too cost intensive. Transmission fluid level is not too low, no idea when it was last changed. Any ideas?
i just replaced my alternator because my battery wasn't receiving any charge and the problem is still there, also my fuse that controls my interior locks, fuel door, and trunk switch keeps blowing. I'm assuming its a ground issue but was wondering if anyone had any more advice. no check engine light or anything so I can't look up a code.
A hose got a hole in it and i lost all the water in while trying to make it back to town i didnt think it would hurt it to bad but now finding out I was probably wrong.I fixed the hose put water back in it but now the water drains out almost as fast as I put it in. It looks like its possibly leaking from water pump. Would driving with no water for a couple minutes ruin the water pump .
127,000 miles the car start to shift in high RPM , im thinking low in transmission fluid ,
but i cant find the stick , i did some searches online and this car does not have stick , so
how i can check the fluid or add more or even change it ?
When I shift my car into reverse it acts like its in first the reverse lights aren't on either...any ideas/answers
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