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I had to disconnect the battery because light were on and i could not shut them off
i had to disconnect the battery because lights would not shut off
It will die in the middle of driving it. I an pull over then crank it but until I wait 20 minutes it will fire right up. It will always start when cold it's starting to do it more often now. Replaced fuel pump relay. Any suggestions
It will go into gear but wont move
i check the battery for the age ,i purchased it in 8/08,so i replace it.after installing the new battery i still can't get it to start,all the lights on the dash light up but it won't crank over
No other code coming up, Anybody have a clue on what else to do???
helping my friend with his 99 VW Jetta GLS. need to replace glove box door and not finding much in the way of youtube. any input? Would Haynes, Bentley or Chiltons repair manuals cover removing the door to replace it? and which manual would be mot recommended?
Thanks for any advice/help in this.
car starts and dies after 3 seconds took it to the local VW dealership and tey said it was a bad ECM, replaced it and its doing the same thing wondering if it needs to be married to my car or if there is away around taking it back to dealrship
after changing o ring,oil pressure light kept coming on. After some investigation I found that the oil pump chain tensioner broke. Well,to change that the crank pulley and crank timing gear had to be removed. I paid a backyard mechanic to pull the pulley off to get to plate to remove so tensioner could be replaced. Unfortunately, he didn't line up timing marks to TDC.he just pulled crank pulley off of timing belt. How can I get timing reset. I've pulled motor mount,put new water pump on but I cant get timing marks to line up on crank and cam. How can I do this without destroying valves. After putting new timing belt on and turning crank 20 times marks still won't line up. Any suggestions on how I can get this timing corrected and on time. This is a 2.0 liter AEG motor in a 99 jetta. Don't want to damage valves or pistons.
First thank who ever has an answer,all started with temp gauge flashi.g off and on but was fine . Then it overheated. So ive replaced therm. Then waterpump, still hot did therm again still hit but have heat, so new radiator, now fans not workingand its still HOT.I'm out of ideas can someone please help me with out saying I need a new engine. I may as well buy a another car for that. I need my car this is horrible not having one asking rides.for my kids and to and from work. Need my car help please
I had the battery, alternator, and starter tested at advanced autoparts and they said they are all good. And sometimes a jump will start it right up or if i leave it alone and comeback it will startup. When in Drive, the rear lights come on (white) while driving, any help on how to fix this?
I am selling my 1999 Jetta, and the person that came to check it out came with his mechanic friend who ran a diagnostic specifying that it would cost $200 per wheel to fix the ABS sensors. Also, what can be assumed the cost would be to fix this and the airbag sensor on a 1999 Jetta?
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