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My car died and wouldn't start .we tested the battery and alternator and it would read 11.4 then when we tried to crank it ,it would drop to 4 ... we got a new battery and it started up and ran for a day now it dies and will start but die within 5 minutes .. could it be the alternator??
Why I won't start with we have spark and gas and when it ran before and now it won't start what could be the problem why it wont start?
Can't figure it out
What would repair cost?
Fresh oil change, no oil leak, have oil pressure, changed both oil pressure temp sensors.
The only way to get in my trunk is thru the back seat, want to know how to get entrance into trunk fixed.
How much to fix it?
I have a 1998 Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg Edition. I tried putting in a different battery cause the current one kept dying and wouldn't hold charge. Ever since then the car has idled weirdly and tries to bog itself down and kill itself. It used to be driveable but not anymore. Please tell me any and all problems that it could be. I currently think it could be a sensor or throttle body failure and maybe even water in the gas tank. Thank you
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