1997 Volkswagen Jetta Questions

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No messed up noises only once did it make a crazy knock. Then it hasn't anymore
My 97 vw jettas speedometer bounces when I get to about 65 mph. Is this the speed sensor?
do I need to remove the caliper bracket
I shift it into reverse but the car just kicks back like it’s going to reverse and then just accelerates forward as if it’s kicking into first gear rather than reverse
I have a Jetta 1997 and the clutch pedal got stuck to the floor .. how can I fix it?
Started today after changing coolant temperature sensors and mas air flow sensor
My trans in my jetta is 02a 2.0 motor, I need axles but will stock jetta axles fit into 02a trans?
I touch some wiring 10 sec then nothing.
2.0 engine back fires then dies
Lights stays on and occasionally goes off but, concerned due to up coming trip.
I just got the car as a gift I know nothing about volkswagons ,I'm not sure about what happened to the car when the last person drove it hoping its a minor fix but I'm sure with my luck its transmission or clutch
I replaced the starter twice. Each time after putting the new starter in it started right up. Drove it, but after turning it off it would not start again. This happened both times. When you turn the key everything comes on lights, dash, radio..... but nothing turns over.
the computer board starts to get warm and it shuts the car off fast. No matter where you are, but usually happens shortly after starting it.
Me and my fiancé are buying a car together. The guy said that when you shift in to about 3 or 4 it starts making a knocking noise. I think it's the piston but I'm not %100 sure. I just want to figure out if it's to much to even stress over. Thank you for the help!
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