1996 Volkswagen Jetta Questions

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windows go down by themselves now wont go up
Alternator is putting out steadily 14.0 volts . VW Jetta Trek model"B"
this happened after the car was driven and parked. I got back in and NOTHING
Pulled transmission out of car and can't open it. Seems to be binding where input shaft is. A few springs feel out. One is small and long
Put key in ignition switch turn key to on position with engine off ..and then I see smoke coming from switch connector.what can I do to fix that?
All my gauges just stopped working one day on my way home. They've alway gone off and I would just have to hit the dash and they would pop back on, but not this time. The dash lights still come on. Please, can someone help me figure out what is wrong. I'm scared to drive cause I can't tell how fast I'm going, how much gas I have or even if my car is getting hot. Thanks!!
the fuses blow when u hit the sunroof and or lock doors then won't start at all.... Other issue is they were pulling out onto highway and we're not able to accelerate. Sipped limit was 55 and they couldn't get speed and went down to 20 mph. Pulled off road and when turned off and got out alarm went off. Then wouldn't start. ???? Any ideas of why it won't accelerate and or if there is a way to disengage the alarm or why it keeps doing this? Thanks
One fluid did leak at the accident but coolant temp is good, i think it is the power steering because its hard to steer.
it started when I was driving and the alarm would go off and the only way to turn it off was to put key in drivers side door and this instrument problem.
Car will restart after cooling down. Dash lights are on battery is up but nothing from ignition.
Manufacturer specific code
it will start, must keep foot on gas. min 10,000 rpm. standard veh. gas powered. 4 cyl. can't drive it though.
what two wires do I cross together to make car run
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