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And all the other gears work life But when I put it in reverse the gear pops out and it looks lik the front driver TIRES Gunna pop off I don't know what it is and how much I'll need to fix it #2 also I it has new breaks but when I push down to break it's doesn't stop it feel lik air what can I do
transmission fluid is in coolant system.
color of fluid does not look correct. car not shifting correctly,
Suggests spark plugs

I have flushed my jetta twice and there still oil in the coolant system. With that I have done thermostat water pump and a few hoses..many people re saying its either the freeze plugs, head gasket, or valve cover gasket
I can go into 1st 2,3,4,5 but won't go into reverse
my car makes a loud sound like it isn't shifting properly and it also leaks a lot of oil. the coolant light comes on alot and i replace the coolant each time but it still leaks. whatsup???!!!
I have done everything I can to fix the oil circulation in my Jetta but for now the oil sensor just stays on, is there a fuse I can remove to stop the constant beeping and flashing until I can fix the root problem? I can not find a fuse diagram that tells me which fuse is the oil sensor may be on a fuse with other components so might not be able to remove............
car cranks but dont start
Car was diagnosed as having a bad starter but starter is brand new thinking it may be the ignition switch but need to pay more money to get them to check what would be the cost for all maintaince and what could the problem be? All fuses were good.
I just want to be able to remove my sunroof and realign it so it lies flat. I don't even care if it works anymore. The sunroof sticks up at about a quarter of an inch and drops down on the opposite side about the same height. What tools do I need and how do even approach this? Consider me a beginner, please. Thank you!
it will not go into 3rd or 4th gear what could be wrong?
My rear wheel bearings went out and I already put the new ones back in the rotor but there is a peace that is stuck that rotates where the rotor connects preventing me from being able to put the rotor back on. WHAT DO I DO??
Any special tricks to r&r the ATF cooler unit? I see it has 2 banjo bolts and 2 coolant hoses. Can I just clamp off the hoses and pull the bolts? I don't want to contaminate the ATF fluid and I can not seem to find any info about removing this unit. Thank in advance.
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