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replaced fuel pump relay, and pump doesn't seem to run when turning over engine. ran direct electrical supply to fuel pump and pump runs this way.
Happends at low rpm all the way up to about 4000. Cats been deleted. New air filter. About to replace fuel filter.
Been up and down the transmission casing but I don't think the speed sensor is the same as ones on the floor or glad models. Any guidance would be appreciated!
There is a small Plastic Cap back from the Oil Dipstick that I was told is where the Gear oil goes but when I put the Oil in this tight small hole (closed with a clear plastic cap) is runs straight through to the ground, is this suppose to happen? If so how do I Repair it. I Googled it and it told me it's called a Gear Differential, then Googled how to repair and it said get the Permatex Gear Oil RTV Sealant (3 oz), is my Research Correct and Please tell me what to do. This isn't serious I hope.
PRNDL readout on dash shows all gears selected. Have replaced Neutral Safety Switch and Speed Sensor. Car is still over-revving before finding the next gear and is occasionally downshifting to neutral or a lower gear on its own.
Am told this car has a 'range switch' on the transmission located somewhere under the battery tray on tranny. I cannot find it.
If you could simply tell me where it's located and what it looks like that would make my millennium. I cannot seem to find a definitive answer on this one. Thanks
I have a short in the trunk release near my parking brake, so the only way to open the trunk is manually. The key works less than half the time now, and only when I press down on the trunk as I turn the key. Most of the time I have to go in thru the drop-down back seats. It has gotten worse the last month or so. Any chance this is due to an old worn-down key?
The security system will sometimes randomly lock the doors. New battery will go dead overnight, we're thinking the security system may be preventing the starter to even engage and is drawing the battery down also. Is this a possibility ?
Where is a speedometer sensor located on the transmission of a 1994 Jetta 2.0 automatic transmission
I need to know why my tack and Speedometer is not working
We charged the battery there is an Auto parts store that says if I bring them the starter that they will test it to see if thats it before we buy one.
It turns over and starts up but cuts off. Electrical problem?
How many Kms or miles can I go yet before I run into serious problems with my manual transmission, thanks
My daughter has had a 1994 Jetta GL for about 2 months. From day 2 it has been very hard to start in the morning or the first time it's cranked for the day. The engine has to turn a while before it starts. Once it starts it's fine and runs great the rest of the day. I'm also concerned it is going to damage the starter.
ignition timming port
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