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Please can anyone show me how to attach the clutch cable end to the clutch pedal...I have disconnected the old one But now I don't know how to connect the new one
So we recently put in a new tranny in a 95 golf amd the tranny came from a 93 jetta so we had to buy a clutch kit so the splines Matched... Now we dont have reverse amd the shifter feels like it doesnt want to stay in place.. Is it the linkage or something wrong with the clutch cable or the clutch itself or possibly the tranny??? I have a 2.0L engine with a 1.8L tranny amd clutch installed.. Does that matter?
I have tried everything and cant get reverse lights to work,replaced neautral safety switch,starter,instrument cluster,put in a brand new 95' vw motor,rewired at a loss.does anyone out there know what this problem could im going to try and replace entire relay instrument thinking tht putting a 95 motor in a 93 may have contributed to problem.i have also replaced ignition and keys and reaf somewhere each key is programmed to ignition and can shut down the electrical using an unprogrammed key.pleaassee help
The car is a four speed automatic. When driving on the highway going about 62-65 mph the rpms are around 4k. The transmission shifts fine from 1 to 3 but going to 4th gear nothing it stays in 3rd gear. I did research and seen that this is a common problem but cant find a fix.
My fuel economy seems like it is a lot less than it should be. a 4cyl jetta like mine should get at least 350 miles on a full tank but right now i'm only getting about 280 miles. I am going to try getting my spark plugs replaced and my tires rotated, but is there anything else I might want to try besides that?
every other gear seems to be fine, but when i shift into 2nd gear, it jerks when i begin to rev up and also it makes a very loud clicking noise when i go slower, but it turns into more of a grinding noise when i go faster. also, when shifting from reverse it is often hard to get the shift knob back into 1st gear position. any help?
Why does my oil light keep turning on when my oil level is good?
one shop return my car not running the other one could not get it running said it needed the computer
has no power goin up hills no balls from a stop i have a manual n almost burned my clutch startin on a hill had to go back wuldnt make it
why do all the calipers lock up at the same time after driving over 2 hours the lines are good and all seem to lead to the booster not getting enough vaccum
I have a 1993 Jetta with an automatic transmission. It intermittently has begun to spew transmission fluid, it does not appear to be coming from the dip stick, breather or the transmission cooler. Approximately 3/4 of a litre appears on top of the transmission when going up a hill. Has anyone else had this problem? Where might it be coming from?
with air conditioning on the engine will stall sometimes when I let off the accelerator. Are there any other adjustments to the idle system.
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