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My cars engine has been overhauled. New carburettor, new distributor, new plug wires, oil pump, water pump, rebored, new pistons, rings, bearings, new TP 100 sensor. Car runs ok when weather is warm, wont start after being driven in rain. There is spark from the coil to the distributor, but no spark to the plugs. Engine swings but won't fire.
I replaced the relay on the fan but it still won't run off.Dont know what else it could be.
Checked for spark shot some starter fluid in the intake and she fires. Checked pumps and they work but only if I put power directly to them. Changed the fuel pump relay, ecm and still wont start. Any ideas???
On my 92 jetta the a/c,water pump and alternator belts keep losing the proper adjustment as the car is driven for a day or two.....why is that?
my 92 vw jetta 2.0 4 cyl. has a rough idle barely runs, loss of power, sounds like its misfiring Please help!
After you pull the emergency brake the brake stays deployed
Will not pass emissions. High NOX. everyone suggests cat converter. other ideas?
The A/C works, but it makes a kind of rattling noise - not too loud, but still noticeable. I believe this is a fairly recent noise (but I don't often drive this car - it's my wife's car).
any one know of a DIY on it with pics? and is it as easy as just dropping the oil pan and not touching the timing belt or anything?
i got a 92 jetta for my daughter guy said it was the a replacment and when you try to start it the dash lights come on but when you turn it to start everything goes turn over ,lights, nothing. any ideas?
How do I get the error codes for a 1992 Jetta
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