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When I ordered the valves the exhaust stems where longer then the stoke ones. Is this wrong or is this some kind of after market thing. I don't want to start if they will mess up my car. If the exhaust stems are bigger what does it mean?
(I know I put 1990, but it IS a 1985. It would not let me go past 1990.) When the car is cold, it has some issues turning on for some reason. I don't know what it could be, I'm no car specialist. It's not the battery because that was already replaced. Any ideas?
I have replaced all temp pickups and fan switch, thermostat (drilled 3mm holes X2), have replaced the reservoir tank.
While thermostat cap was off, checked impeller, used torch and screwdriver to c if impeller is broken or loose (100%). NOT loosing water, no oil in water, no vapor out of exhaust.
Put a manual over-ride switch on fan, temp keeps climbing. Took head off, checked (NOT blown gasket or cracked). Took all hoses off and forward and backward flushed everything, yes, heater on full heat. Took radiator out and flushed as well and inspected (100%). The system gets presurised, can feel it on the hoses can c in reservoir as well the water squirting. Asked a mechanic for advise, he checked everything as well, and said, "Hey pal, you have one hell of a problem. All my ideas are done."
Please help, I've now spent what funds I had and still no solution.
it has power to the blower fan I check it . I jump the blower fan from the battery with a wire it work in all 4 speeds . But will not not with every thing all hook up like it come from factory . It was working than stop . Can you tell me what is the problem
backfiring also the idle has dropped down to wear the engine will die out when idling.whats wrong.....
86 jetta oil light and buzzer sound while under 2.5 rpm but oil is full pump and sensor are good. What else could it be?
Oil pump is good oil sensor is good and oil is full. What else could problem be?
is it the alignment or the struts/
Unless u reset computer what could cause the problem
personal tragedy, hate to see it get dumped by mortgage co. flooring shot, original parts inside. I have to cover funeral costs, have title, please help me in the right direction,
I did replace the manual transmission on my 2003 Vw jetta 1.8l GLS
but now every day I use my vehicle I have to push the clutch like ten times before it work, are the Orings going out?, is there air on the lines? or where is the fluid container located at? this is the first jetta I ever had!!! fustrating!!!!
what does oxf warning light mean on my volkswagen jetta mean? it makes my car shut off
my brake pedal goes to floor, but will pump up after several hits on pedal. have bled brakes, checked wheel cyl for leaks. Also idles perfectly until I try to accelerate from stop. once moving fine. Am thinking vacuum somewhere?
The starter won't turn on. There is a full battery charge. The starter has 250,000 miles and 22 years of use. How much should we expect to pay to have it replaced?
It is actually a 1985 Jetta with a 1.6 turbo diesel
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