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My headlight switch has only two positions; one for "on" and one for "off". However, I have fog lights on the car which are supposed to be activated by pulling out the headlight switch. My switch does not pull out in either of the aforementioned position,s nor does it turn to any other position. Do I have to purchase a more complex headlight switch? If so, why are there fog lights if they cannot be activated with the switch already installed in the dashboard?
Wen locking my car the alarm doesn't activate but wen u drive the car the alarm comes on and doesn't want to go off
Feels like hot air is always coming through vents. Just spent 1300 at the dealer for emissions work. Of course, they say it's not under warranty. Any thoughts?
just was driving 55 mph and it just came on. outside temp was 28. Can I still drive my car?
how do I get the code???
forcing the switch it seems to workor just holding it in the first position also works
I barely get acceleration anymore. If i press on the gas too hard it blows completely for days. Eventually it begins to work again but not well. We still owe alot on it and can't trade it in .It's totally broken down now, anyone know any cheap repair shops for gti's?
Had to replace both wheel hubs! I have less than 40,000
new wiper motor not working. looking for causes. Need to locate the vehicle electrical system control module and the dual washer pump relays.

Also, need to know how to align the new linkage to the new motor spindle to align wiper arm position in motor park position. (Since I don't know what the possible additional problem is causing new motor not to work.)
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