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Volkswagen GT TSI 1.4 MKV 2007 model ( Please let me know which part need to be replaced or repairs to be done)
Confirmed Trouble Codes
-P2015: Intake Manifold Runner Position Sensor/Switch Circuit Range/Performance (Bank 1) (Powertrain, Generic)

Pending Trouble Codes
-P2015: Intake Manifold Runner Position Sensor/Switch Circuit Range/Performance (Bank 1) (Powertrain, Generic)
Permanent Trouble Codes

Freeze Frame
-P2015: Intake Manifold Runner Position Sensor/Switch Circuit Range/Performance (Bank 1) (Powertrain, Generic)
-Fuel system status: Fuel system 1: Open loop (2)
-Fuel system status: Fuel system 2: NA
-Calculated engine load: 16.5 %
-Engine Coolant Temperature: 67 °C
-Short Term Fuel Trim - Bank 1: 0.0 %
-Long Term Fuel Trim - Bank 1: 10.2 %
-Intake Manifold Absolute Pressure: 37.0 kPa
-Engine RPM: 952 RPM
-Vehicle Speed Sensor: 12 km/h
-Ignition Timing Advance for #1 Cylinder: 6.0
-Intake Air Temperature: 39 °C
-Absolute Throttle Position: 15.3 %
-Time Since Engine Start: 116 s
-Fuel Rail Pressure: 5530 kPa
-Commanded Evaporative Purge: 3.9 %
-Barometric Pressure: 83 kPa
-Control module voltage: 13.88 V
-Absolute Load Value: 26.7 %
-Fuel/Air Commanded Equivalence Ratio: 1.259
-Relative Throttle Position: 5.5 %
-Ambient Air Temperature: 27 °C
-Absolute Throttle Position B: 15.3 %
-Accelerator Pedal Position D: 14.9 %
-Accelerator Pedal Position E: 7.5 %
-Commanded Throttle Actuator Control: 7.1 %
-Long Term Secondary O2 Sensor Fuel Trim - Bank 1: 0.8 %

Diagnostic information provided by OBD Auto Doctor
sensor -G40:
signal outside specification.
car type VW touran, tsi 1.4cc
I've replaced ABS pump & all sensor to try sort this problem, a mechanic thinks the previous person who replaced the wheel bearing might have damaged where the sensor senses on the wheel hub or replaced it with a non ABS wheel hub, when I brake other 3 wheels continue braking at right pressure but the front right wheel brakes at higher pressure n ends up locking if more force is added on the pedal... The pedal gets electrically locked when this happens n as soon as the speed becomes lower the pedal loosens. I've spent a lot & I'm still having problems that is why I would like to get further info before I replace the bearing with hub as suggested by the mechanic
A few months back we would have trouble getting it into reverse gear. We'd have to put back in park then reverse and most times this fixed the problem. Now we can't get the car to run in any gear. On dash, P R N D all flash on & off. We had AAA tow the car home because the driver told us it was an easy fix, the shift cable has "come loose/apart" and needs to be tightened back up and it will be fine. My husband got the shifter apart but we don't know what to do from here. The AAA driver assured us this was not a transmission problem but of course, didn't tell us how to fix it. Any suggestions???
car has build up of ice in both doors and has caused the front of them to bend and i am not under warranty
The tachometer jumps up and down while sitting still, from 10 to 30.
My 2007 VWGTI goes through a lot of oil-wanted to know why that is.
I have a 2007 gti with 50K. When should I get new timing belt? Car run great!
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