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2006 Volkswagen GTI Reviews and Owner Comments

2006 Volkswagen GTI (2 Reviews)
Body, Interior & Misc.
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Interior: Front seat (drivers) bolsters to high (causing wear), back seat ash tray from center console came out, many plastic switch parts had paint chip off (even though car is not parked in sun). At base of front buckets seats, electric access panels have never stayed in place. Brakes - excellent - original at 60K Electric and lights - Fair - brake bulks don't last long and a pain to get out. Inside, front door (open/close) replaced, as over head console light replaced - electrical issues. Engine - Good, but thermostat failed - $1300 replace really? Exhaust/Emissions - only fair - Catalytic converter failed at 50K thankfully under warranty. Heating/AC - other than thermostat issue mentioned above okay. Suspension/Steering - while I love handling of car, in winter, even when car was a few years old - a lot of creaks and groans in cold weather. Really?
This is one terrific vehicle and an absolute joy to drive. I've had only maintenance work done in 3 years. It's low maintenanance but parts can be expensive, especially tires. We'll see how it does in year 4.

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