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My 2005 Golf GTI DSG has an rare issue that i found out, when my car is off and key is out of ignition, the Lights next to the Shifter is flashing in the gear that i left it in. When i shift to R, D, N, S it flash when i select that gear. The Center console display is not flashing the common DSG Of death...
Unable to sort this out as i when to a Mech to check codes and nothing came up.

Hope you know what i am talking about...
Its the Red Lights that shows you what gear you selected next to the Shifter...

Please help if you know the issue


Im From South Africa...
Some times skip the third gear only the third gear. Most of the time during lunch time, but if I drive on low rpm shifts fine.Also when skips the third gear the checking engine light turn on , and then after i drive the car for 20 or 25 minutes it turn of
I have about 110K miles on the vehicle and I can't get the check engine light to go off!
thank you it has 152000 miles
im just wondering if anyone else has had this issue and what to do about it.
While driving from work,entering a curve at 40,i dropped it into third and hit the gas.The car hesitated momentarily,then it sputtered and had a significant power loss,asr light also came on,turbo whistles and has some power but it boggs down when i try to push it.
I noticed after I had signed the title for this car and driving away that the door light was turning on but every thing was shut tight. I'm not to worried about the dome light cause it can be turned off manually but have to turn the radio up to drown out the warning sound. Where is it located and how hard is it to change???? Or better yet should I take it to a shop????
I was curious about how to do this on my own. What types of fluids are required?
When i turn the car off and take the key out of the ignition all the components stay on: the heated seats, defroster, blinkers, windows, ect... which drain my battery. It would only do this maybe once a month and now it does it every time. I have taken it to get diagnosed but nothing came up in the reading. What would do this, could it be the ignition switch, a relay board?
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