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My clutch sounds like it's slipping. I will shift my gears and it makes my RPM move up but the car does not want to move. It happens mainly when I drove the car for about 30 minutes.
EPC light came on and the throttle no longer works. The o2 senser wire draged on the ground and got frayed. i'm not sure if that coused the problem or not. i replaced the gas pedal assembly and that did not fix the problem.
Hello, I had recently purchased a 2003 golf gti with a 1.8 turbo 4 cylinder engine. The vehicle has 139,000 miles on it. Before purchasing, I had a mechanic come out and look at the vehicle for a pre-purchase inspection, and ran the code P0303 (cylinder 3 misfire) which without test driving, told me that is what caused the shift shudder I noticed when I had test driven it a previous day. He told me the coil packs were in good condition by looking at the top of them, and told me if I replace the spark plugs, the issue should go away. I feel it is important to mention that he had also run codes on the transmission and nothing came up. Taking it home, this morning I had replaced the spark plugs and driven it for about an hour both regularly and aggressively to test it. The problem is still there, and I was really hoping that there is a solution to this problem, because everything else on the car is beautiful, while being my dream car, I just want it to work as well as I know it can. I appreciate any help offered in resolving this issue, thank you very much!
-Christian H.
Last week the check engine light came on for about 3 days and turned off. I contacted the dealer and they said probably gas cap. Then now the EPC light is coming on and the car starts and drives, but it sort of feels off. Is this something I can fix, such as a fuse, or is this something for the dealer to fix? Is it anything major? The car is at 194k if that helps. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated!!
car has 36 thousand miles and ran and shifted like new before this. I drove very slow in first gear thru water.
Ok do here goes a dumb costly mistake. I have a 03 gti 5 spd. Just bought the car and accidentally poured transmission oil in what apparently was the fly wheel access cap on top of the transmission. Now my clutch is slipping when the turbo kicks in at high rpm. Is there anyway to clean it with out removing the whole transmission or replacing the clutch. Car has 130k on it and have had no issues with the clutch slipping prior to my mistake and flywheel is good and shifts fine. Was thinking about spraying break cleaner in the same spot I put the fluid in to help clean it out
Vehicle won't start but the battery is good. Will start when you pop the clutch. Someone said to try the starter relay, but can't find it. Thanks.
A few weeks agos I struck a curb at low speed with front passenger tire. had to replace the tire, decent but not hideous scratch to the rim. Immediately after the tire was replaced i noticed the steering wheel cocked about 20 degrees clockwise and the car pulling hard to the left. Thought it was an aligment problem, took it to Firestone who said either my frame or rear axle was bent. Second opinion said "rear axle, $1200". I'm unable to comprehend how small curb at low speed could cause such damage. I bought the car used a year ago from local VW dealer and detected a small pull to the left then, but thought it just needed an alignment. Is this a common problem with these cars? Could it be shimmed rather than replacing entire rear axle?
what would cause the windows not to work blown fuse?
On the Volkswagon GTI. How do you get access to the thermostat as it is burried in a seamingly impossible place to get to the 2 bolt housing?
I just took my car to the VW dealer for 100K service, where they did the N4 recall on the brake light switch. When I got the car back, the power windows, headlights, and gauges stopped working after about 10 seconds. I made the dealer take the car back to get looked at and they said that the alternator was overcharging, and recommended to replace the alternator and battery to start. The alternator was just replaced 8/2007. The battery passed the dealer battery performance test. I have done some research and it could be a bad voltage regulator or a bad ground. I have inspected the main fuses and they are in good shape. I checked all the other fuses and none are bad. It is strange that this occurred after the dealer installed the N4 recall on the brake light switch.
If the battery was bad, then the car should not be able to start. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
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