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When I turn the key I got lights then they go away like they should , turn the key to start the car and acts like battery is weak try to jump start same thing check fuse box in top of batt they r okay if I don't press the clutch nothing happens... I press the clutch I get click click click..... maybe the starter? I have not direct engage the starter.., I was hoping my mechanic check it out but no call no show...
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing
How long have you had this problem? Started yesterday
what happened is that I put the down pipe two inches and a half and when I turned the car on it worked very well then I went to the shop to put direct pipe but it was close so I went home but the car did to much noise so I connected the down pipe to the original pipe so when I turned the car on it starded to fail as misfire so turn it off and I have this code p0223 and will change the pedal and the throttle body but the pedal still dont work so i change the oxygen sensor and the code of accelerator no longer appeared have only accelerator these codes p2128. P2123 but still not working. I hope that you could help me thanks
The fluid is good and is full and also the tranny was rebuilt about 3 months ago.
If I let off the gas a lot goes away nd if I put it in neutral it's almost all gone please help change almost everything driving me nuts!!!!!!!!!
Hum and vibration from 30 mph up was told cv axel joint now told definitely bearing going Whats the good bearing r&r price
my car was struck this weekend. i have a 2002 vw gti (automatic) - my car was struck on the front drivers side while parked and is currently at a geico repair center to repair damage. after accident the a/c doesnt work. geico is saying that there is no correlation between accident and broken a/c. anyone know where the a/c components are as i'd like to contest/argue this and have them fix it!
When i put the car in drive it won,t accelerate. it will in reverse,park,neutral,but not in forward gears.
replaced every sensor linked to it,did the 300 mile drive test, and still my light is on. ANY ANSWERS? "PLEASE HELP"
Occurs whenever the engine is cool. Recently had a transmission flush to no avail. Transmission is not throwing any codes. Vag com is saying my rear speed sensor is faulty. I'm unsure if that would cause this issue with the shifting.
The driver side seat heater is not functioning, any thoughts on why?
The check engine light came on this week. I took it to autozone to find out why. The codes point to engine efficiency. Means either vacuum hoses or the CC.

My mechanic thinks the cc is damaged from the 2 ignition coils that failed about 2 years ago.

Is it possible that a failed coil can damage the CC?
Recommended gearbox oil type
My temp. warning light appears as soon as I start my car. I have let car idle for 2 minutes then turned it off. I start car again, & warning light is off.NO PROBLEM, RIGHT ? Wrong !!! The oil & coolant fluids are correct, but after driving for 5 min. The engine is giving off a strong burning smell.Temp is correct, no high reading...WHAT CAN IT BE...?
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