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I checked and tested the coilpack its fine but it still misfire my spark plug 3 doesnt spark on my vw golf mk4 gti 2001 model please help.
Drove to my mom house about 3 hours later on the way home the car drives but won't change gears if anyone can help me with this I could really use all the help I can get.
I had a tail light out when I checked the light bulb it was good unplugged the connector an plugged it back in the light worked but the interior lights, side mirrors, alarm system, Windows, and Sun roof stopped working. all fuses are good. Any help would be greatly appreciated
Once the car gets to about 2-3k RPM when the turbo is REALLY starting to spool, the car hesitates almost like the injectors are clogged or not enough fuel is making it to the motor possibly. I was told that the ECU might need to be flashed or tuned but I'm unsure. Anyone have any ideas?

My car will shake and shut off when I start it. Sometimes it shakes when its just stopped at a traffic light. I just had a couple vacuums replaced in it that were leaking. Well one was leaking, he changed it and then the other broke. the parts for those cost 68, and 55 a piece. What should I do?
Ok, i am looking at an '01 VW GTI, i havent purchased it yet. The owner mentioned a problem that he has with the car, he says after he puts fuel in the car, it wont turn over right away. No problems starting other than after refueling. I have seen this problem before on a few forums, but ive not seen anyone resolve it. Have you ever heard of this? Is this going to be the start of a major problem?? i really need to know before i make this purchase!!! Thank you
i have anti slip resisant button in my car and i'm not sure what it is and it's funtion. could some one explain what the funtion is, when to use and why to use it. thanks
when driving my vehicle i have a 5 speed gti and when from a stop position to accelorate in first gear it makes a winding noise and vibrates until i get to 3300 rpm then shifting to second it does the same thing until i get to third gear it goes away. now my car just broke a motor mount i think cause my engine is tilting down twards the transmision side. would the motor mount cause the noise and vibration to my vehicle or is it a different problem to the transmision. thanks
i have a 4th generation GTI turbo volkswagen golf. every single time i start it up and put it in first gear a rattling noise starts in the front drivers side of the car. it stops once i am driving at a higher speed and starts again once i slow down/stop at a traffic light. someone said it could be the cv joints if it occurs when turning but it doesn't happen when turning. what could it be and how much could it cost to fix? thanks!
2 months ago or so front end collision with deer. $2500.00 damage to front end and just about anything connected therein. Could a slow leak be created by this accident? 65mph on the interstate. Reservoir is almost dry. 78K miles on car.
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