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When I idle up or rev the engine at all I lose all interior g
acuges accessories power to the windows air blower all interior lighting and not sure what else I lose but when I let it idle back down it all comes back. So anytime I take off I lose all electrical operation of pretty much everything. This started this morning driving down the highway all of the sudden my stereo quit working then I realized I lost gauges and all. Soon as I stop it all comes back. Or I can just coast in neutral and it all comes back as well. Guess I'm going to get back out and try and figure this out.
So while driving after an hour the tranny seems to go into standby mode? Drives completely fine.. Drive on the freeway and take an exit, downshifts and then won't shift after that til the tranny cools down. Bout 30 minutes later car drives just fine til I've been driving awhile and does the same thing once I slow down. Been in 3 different shops and they can't figure it out. Was told to get a new tranny but would the tranny be blown if I can still drive it?! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
Anytime it rains or rained the over night , I get in my car and it gives a hard start and the epc light comes on for a couple minutes then it will go away . Why is this ?

Iv had it plugged in and nothing comes up for it ( only 2 irrelevant things like my cat and speed sensor )
Will not start has fuel pressure. Has spark. Will run as long as ether is sprayed into air breather.
if my gti is idleing it runs 195 when i drive the temp goes back to cold
Just Recently I bought this car, the car runs great has power and it works fine but just find out that when I drive this car on the freeway and try to engage the transmission to 5th gear it look that goes but to 3rd gear.
Can some one help on this, there is a adjustment or some thing.
where is the thermastat located and how long will the job take
when start the card up it ideals ok, but the gas petal won't work (nothing happens) can't drive the car.
Engine starts and idols fine. Step on the gas and no response at all. It's like the pedal is disconnected. Cold air intake is dry, throttle body is clean and electronic pedal is clean.CKL & EPC lights on. It started a few weeks ago, car would not go over 40 mph, then would be ok for a few days. Now will only idol. I can't drive anywhere to try to get codes.
Please help
The car will start and run fine for about 10 mins. Then it will die.. I can wait about 15 to 20 mins and it will start and run for about another 5 to 10 mins. Then it will die. I replaced the fuel filter and battery so far. I don't know where to start. It seems to me that the fuel pump is ok. This happens repeatedly and for the same approximate time frame.
My engine won't start. New spark plugs and wires. Didn't get any fuel pressure when pressing down on regulator. Is it a faulty pump or clogged filter?
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