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I fried my fan control module along with the plugs that go to it. I know what happened, and already have a new fcm, I just can't find new/used pig tails to fix the wiring. Have some ideas where to look? Tried all the junk yards around me I can think of, and dealers/part stores can't get them anymore
replaced mass air sensor still have same problem
this happened very suddenly, just got in the car after I had my starter replaced and its up there! very annoying when driving,
I replaced 2 welshplugs already and seems now I need to replace another one. Even afterwards the light justs flashes all the time. I replaced the sensor at the bottle as well. Earlier today after a lot of driving I opened the bonnet and water was leaking a lot from the bottle.Seems like water pressure pushing water out by the bottle. When I opened the cap after some time the water gushed out. Please help. I also changed the cold start sensor but it struggles to start in the morning.
I scanned for codes and the ecm came up would that have something to do wit it only starting wit the check engine light being on
i turn the key and the lights and everything come on and then it doesnt turn over like i am not pushing down the clutch all the way when i first got it it would do it the odd time but hardly ever what could be my problem?
I bought the car and put. A new engine In was driving fine then I parked it for 30 minutes T store came back out and it wouldn't start I changed fuel pump fuel filter chech fuel lines and its getting fuel all the way to the injectors but not any further what can I do
is it a hard repair to do. Its just broke and now stays on the floor
dis alarm system
Ok new to vw gti my gf bought one over the weekend its a 1998 GTI VR6...For some reason the anti theft belives the car is being broken into and will not start...i tried to reset the alarm via the door key but nothing locks arnt even moving....anyone know something different?????????? thanks
I replased the timing belt, the car doesn't start how can I fix or adjust the timing.
Have water that leaks inside on both sides of floorboard, whenever it rains, the tubes in the door frames are/or do not seem to be blocked/ air did come out on one sides with air shot through from the front holes in the sunroof. but both sides leak, I now have black duct tape over edges of entire sunroof, car is black but still not a good look. How much to replace/fix these drain tubes completly on both sides??
P0103 P0411 P0580 P1580
what does that code mean speed sensor but which one
I need to flush out my radiator but I can not find the drain plug how do I drain the radiator and where is the drain plug I looked in a manual that I have it shows where it is but when I goto the car it not in that spot I cant find it help please
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