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Does it have to do with the transmission issues found in some cars?
My car was in tip top condition, then I got a little knocking but went off after a few mins, then few days later it did it again, now it's on all the time , also now it's miss firing,also the knocking noise got louder, I took it in for a check up, I been told timing belt. Then injector , then tappets, then valves, I'm con fused dnt want to start changing things that dnt need changing, a good garage can't see it till next week, I need my car for work , it's dne 160.000 is any thing that is comments that cud be gone,
usually this occurs when at about 3000 revs going through 3/4/5th, when it first happened i pulled over and checked the oil which is fine and restarted the car and it was fine. Also the rev counter stops working on the dash, the car has done 80000. More recently stopping the car does not seem to remedy the problem
wipers run for no reason dont have a rain sensor, but i can get them to stop when i turn on and off the rear wiper. any ideas?
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