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My radiator cooling fan no work unless the AC is on.relays ok new temp sensor.

Today 07:34 PMIzzyrae008
I have a 2006 Volkswagen Golf 2.0 manual 5 SPEED transmission and my only concern with my car is that at 60mph the RPMs are exactly at 3000 and exactly at 1000 when idling but to me it seems to be a little too high, would anybody be able to let me know if this is normal or not and if so how could I fix this problem? Thank you in advance
it is more like the ignition has locked, because it does not even give on.
The water coolant has the presence of transmission oil we're looking for the oil cooler for its not in the radiator like some other car
How do you get to the small leds from the headlights removed on a 2006 golf TDI
I believe I have a low battery, it has made my automatic locks from my keyless entry not work to open the passengers side. Is this from the low battery? Thanks!
ive got a 2006 vw golf tdi and ive got tapping noises coming from the top of engine. it gets louder when driving or revving. i got told to do a oil change which i did but that hasnt changed anything. it sometimes stops. but most of the time it doesnt
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