2005 Volkswagen Golf Questions

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The doors were locked, and the windows are intact.
I was wondering if I can upgrade my car to get seat warmers.
Despite the car running fine, my engine light is on.
I have my check engine light coming on, and the code is for the o2 sensor. but the light goes on and off and I can't figure out where the bad part is
It just started when I would use the turn signal, then it would click a lot..parked it for 5 days while on a cruise..when we got off the ship and loaded our car, we noticed that the ac no longer worked,,and the blower works fine and the ac light comes on..the blinker is still doing that on and off noise..
I have replaced heater matrix but there is trapped air coming back up into my water tank it bubbles and overflows if i take the cap off after driver. Been told its the head but no creamy stuff on oil cap or dipstick and no white smoke. Also the air blocks from pipes have been cleared..any suggestions please?
Its a peugeot 307cc
How to replace the headlight of my 2005 VW golf
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