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I have 1.6ltr 2004 vw golf and car was running fine then just started to run like on 2 or 3 cyl still idealed didn't stall but just running crap just want to no if it could be a spark plug ,lead ,coil or could it be something else thanks
get a reading code of P0121 electronic accelerator pedal module. won't accelerate.
Hope all is well with you? Have a little issue with the car, need some input. The other while driving I tried to put the car in 5th gear and it just will not go. Good thing I was getting near to a stop light and I put in neutral, so I put it in 1st but when I tried to pull off it car was going in reverse. lol. I stopped put it in neutral and tried again, same thing. Tried again and it went into gear. But each time I tried to put the car in 5th I would get the same problem, any suggestions.
Driving in traffic my car surges with acceleration and deceleration Is this perhaps dirty fuel injectors ? I have done 125000 Kls. If I am driving slowly and take my foot off the accelerator it feels as if it shuts down too quickly and then jerks when I put my foot down again.
I have a 2004 1.4i citi golf, now every time it rains water some how gets into the distributor cap and the car starts jerking and at the best of times the engine cuts out. I have tried silicon but to no avail. really need some advice please?
i have check the water pomp (is ok),the termostat is ok,i repair the head of motor and the problem is still not fixed pls helppp mee..
How much to Fix?
checked fan motor hot wired to battery,at first wouldnt run, took apart motor found brushes sticking cleaned w/contact cleaner tested again with battrey, fan runs. reinstalled ran car fan doesnt come on,but if ac turned on both fans run
My running lights remain on at all times. Running lights use to turn off once emergency break handle was pulled up. The car is running normal, but my epc and break lights remain on. My breaks were just replaced January.
My car drives normally within a 8 - 10Km distance non-stop but when I go beyond that then the temperature light pops, which requires me to stop to allow the engine to cool down. I do not understand what is wrong with my car and appreciate any assistance!
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