2002 Volkswagen Golf Questions

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Following water ingress into passenger compartment the electric windows, sunroof and boot will no longer open.
The boot can be opened manually using the key.
The engine warning light stays on even though the car seems to run OK except for occasional cutting out.
I've got a v5 golf and I'm have problems with it starting and think it could be the fuel pump not 100% but I've got to start some where
So car won't start. Put in new stafter and it just clicks battery is new as well. It runs if we push start it since it is a manual transmission. I tried reseting the computer also by touching the positive and negative terminals together when the battery wasn't hooked up.
What is causing my 2002 vow golfs epc light to come on also car is dying randomly? Car is automatic.
My car over-heats at speed of above 130km/h and all pipes connecting water to the automatic gear box and the radiator become swollen. The fans are working properly yet it over-heats but cools as soon as speed is reduced below 120km/h. What do I need to fix?
When starting cold I have to crank it several times before it will finally start. After it starts, if I give it gas it will immediately stall. If I let the car idle (after cranking many times it will finally start) it will usually idle then stall. I will crank again and it will idle and usually after about 30 seconds it will finally start to idle normally and then I can step on the gas and all is fine. But if I step on the gas when car is first idling before waiting about 30 seconds, it will cause it to stall.
My drivers seat belt does not retract. Can you send seat belt removal instructions?
Following a cooling hose fitting crack that sprayed the whole engine with coolant, the car was running fine. After replacing two hose fittings & the thermostat, the car started to run erratically with reduced power & a knock. Code showed P0302 (cylinder 2 misfire) & P0304 (cylinder 4 misfire). I replaced the plugs, wires & coil pack, but the problem still remains. In addition to the above codes, it is reading P0300 (random multiple cylinder misfire) & P0102 (powertrain - mass or volume air flow circuit low input). Can you help me to determine where to look next? Fuel injection system? Vacuum system??
Like the hatchback door locking every time you close it or the auto door locks when you hit a certain speed??
It takes up to 5 seconds to start. Someone mechanics says that is some kind of sensor that need to be changed and other says it is normal for Diesel engine to take up to 5 second to start.
Can the seatbelt be repaired and what would the procedure involve?
Okay so I was taking a 2 hour road trip I was about maybe an hour in and my epc light comes on but nothing happened so I was just like ok
Well maybe 30 minutes later I had my cruise control on going about 70mph and my rpms just drop to zero my car jerks and I lose all power so I pull over and cut the car off and crank it back up and it's running fine again maybe 10 minutes and it does it again
I continue to drive it and notice it will only go 59mph and it won't go over 4000rpm
This is with my foot pressed to the floor!
Well I changed out the coil pack thinking that was it and went to test drive it and it won't change gears(automatic transmission) if I go from 1-3 it does but in drive it will not change I can get up to any speed but my rpms stay high obviously from it not changing gears!!!
Someone please help me!
and the down one normal
It's a little silver cylinder with a plug on top and when I shut my car off it constantly runs only way to get it to stop is if I unplug it for a little can anyone help me tell me how to fix it? And tell me what it is I have a Volkswagen golf v5 in the UK.
My headlights and break lights are fine along with all power windows (including moon roof) but none of my fuses are blown. No idea where to start.
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