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Does anyone know what else I should replace?!? Please let me know asap!! Thanks in advance!
The car will sometimes try to start all on it's own too. For example, I had my car locked just after driving it and I head my car alarm going off so I unlocked the car and opened the door and seen that the radio was on and the gauge cluster was lit up. The ignition was in the off position and the keys were out of it but it acted like it was in accessory mode. Please help me! This car is becoming a disaster!!!
I noticed about 3 weeks from now when i got a triangle that doesn't want to turn off on my dash.
When diagnosed also it showed clutch torque sensor,could it be the cause and how can it be fixed?
& revs the RPMs up. was told to check stripe in Valve Body? How much usually, & what does this imply? Will this fix it?
Don't have manual to check fuses. Besides fuses what else could it be? Help!
check engine light is on also, but I'm not sure if that's related. Used ODB scanner and got error codes:
P0134 - Powertrain
P0341 - Powertrain
P1128 - Powertrain
P0139 - Powertrain
Start driving won't go above 35 40 mph traction controll light flashes but on some bits of road picks up fine then kicks in again can anybody help ?
My gearbox start slipping after one hour of running engine ?
My gearbox start slipping after one hour of running engine ?
new thermostat temp sensor, Top hose gets very hot but lower hose is cold and heater doesnt put hot air only cold.
it is tight. It will flick on and off and sometimes i cant crank my car like it has no juice. then it will magically come on. what you think couls cause this?
mechanic says O.K., it did not sound or look O.K.
it is a 2.0L engine, my rpms wont go over 3000rpm which is stopping it from shifting properly, wont go any faster then 110kms and sometimes only 70kms.i have back pressure in my gas tank, but whas told that that is a good thing. my epc light was on but i changed the throttle control valve and it whent out. i also did a complete tune up,plugs,oil,air filter etc. i know it is something small and simple but im just not sure where to start.. any ideas? thanks in advance
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