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Call Miamisburg is stuck on on the dash it shows a car with the key inside and it flashes at me how do I get this to disable the locking the doors 3 times and a lot of them is not disabling it and my remote pad is not working properly could that be the root of all evil itself
my golf lost oil pressure. I took off the oil pan and the broken pump chain was laying in the oil pan.I need to know how to replace it. I have a new chain and a new oil pump.
Battery is brand new (just bought 2 weeks ago) started fine on sat and then on weds battery was dead. put cables on and it juiced right up but wouldn't continue turning over to the point of starting..
Car loses all power when stopped in traffic, parking or rolling to a stop. Brakes and steering lose power. Car starts when I turn the ignition.
Found crack in coil pack and replaced it made little difference also replaced plugs
Appears to be a shorted sensor seems if I unplug one or more sensors it clears up
Like oxygen sensor and maf or temp sensor .
when I drive on the high way at in 5th gear I tac will read 3000rpm around 80 kmph and at 120 kmph the tac reads 4000rpm does anyone have any ideas this happens all the time does not matter if the motor is cold or warm
had no heat changed thermostat-removed panel to check heater flappers they are okay. Still very little heat. Drove car forgot to put reservoir cap on and drove the car just barely made it home it ran so bad but gauge never read over 190.
also after driving for a few miles and stop iget it hard to start again but ie i wait foe 10 to15 minuites it will start easy
I have a 2000 Golf GL that has a constant misfire. I replaced the plugs and wires twice, didn't solve it, replaced the coil pack didn't solve it, and even put some new injectors in. The car starts fine, but idles rough and misfires on when you push on the gas, as well as when you hold it at a steady rpm. I had the car scanned a Autozone but the codes didn't really tell me anything besides what I already tried. The CEL light will also blink about 15 times, usually this happens intermittently while driving.
have just changed thermostat and just saw that water is leaking bad near alternator belt
When I use the key to open the hatch it makes the rest of the system act weird. I closed the hatch and opened the drivers door with the remote and the alarm went off. Had to put the key in the hatch to shut off the alarm. Found out the key does not work in the drivers door. This will be the third replacement of the keyless system if I have to replace it. So I want to just shut it off and use a key the old fashioned way.
damaged transmission pan cover, transmission leaks, Removed cover needs support bracket & transmission pan cover.
my passenger side window came fell of the rack and i took the side doo panel off but another metal panel was in my way how do you remove it
I have a 1.9 TDI VW Golf and whenever the engine rev's below 1000 rpm I notice that the brake pedal is affected, it is as though the pedal will only depress halfway and not fully to the floor as it normally would when my engine rev's above 1000's rev. This is strange but I imagine it has something to do with the hydraulics pressure for the breaks being affected by the engine? Pease help?
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