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Rected passange side stearing system by hittiing a curb in "first gear" in a school zone. Passanger front side rim split 1/3 of the way through, bent control arm, & tyrod of rack amd pinion. Changed it all out. Replased strut tower mounts as well.
3 months after crashing i started her up & drove my car. The stearing was very difficult (no oil in the rack & pinion).> All gears worked with the exception of reverse.
Now 5 months after the crash i had my golf gl front end 'İN' the air went through the gears just fine, INCLUDING revers.
Put the golf on the ground & just to see when through the gears, & again she was fine. Turned the key over, car starts.... won't engage non of the gears.
Also, the frywheel is engaged. But the transmission is fine.
Thank you for any help.

Does clutch cable need adjustment or is it the shifter linkage?
po 442 small leak
Is it dangerous to drive the car when it needs work or replacement catalytic converter?
The diagnostics read G38 speed sensor fault with a part number of 00297. A few months ago the car would appear to loose drive in top gear on hills when warm after coming off a motorway for example. Then one day driving home from work it would not select top gear at all. I stopped at a friends repair shop but he just said scrap it. When I left his place the car selected top gear no problem & was OK for a further month or so. Now its lost top gear all together.
Gear not selecting (Automatic gear)
Gear not selecting (Automatic gear)
Working normally but after driving a long distance, if i parked, and start the wont start but kick will be rolling, will have to wait for 5 mins for it to start.
1998 Golf GL with 1984cc engine - what is the proper order of cylinder ignition wires to distributor cap
The wiper switch refuses to turn off the wipers! The mechanic has tried replacing the switch and the switch motor with no luck.
Have replaced arm and switch gear, stiill won't switch off.
Unable to get any response when starting the engine. Would it be computers. What do I check. Ignition lights come on but no response to start the engine.
When driving along the car keeps slipping out of gear, she then needs to hold the gear stick in place for the car to move? Any ideas?
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