1996 Volkswagen Golf Questions

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My car was leaking water from the thermostat housing I replaced it now The thermostat gage temperature needle is marking 230 degrees Fahrenheit and climbing what is causing it
after changing the gearbox from automatic to manual it starts then cuts but it is cranking
The cooling fan is hooked up with a wire that is pushed in with a 30A fuse in the fusebox.yesterday i pulled the wire out by accident and the car started to overheat prior to that incident the car ran fine.i let the car cool down and i reconnected the wire but my car overheats while just idling as soon as i start it a red light starts flashing and the temp just keeps going up .i dont know what to do did i damage the engine when it overheated
Wipers turn on automatically when car is started and will not stop.
It cranks but not starts.unless pushed start. Then it runas fine
it does not happen when engine is cold only when it is heated
1996 1.3 Citi Golf.
Which relay works the wipers and fan No.18
hard to get it to pass smog
Volkswagen Automatic Transmission problem:
The check engine light came on. Scan by AutoZone Tech printed out to Transmission Speed Selector Switch. Shortly afterward car jumped out of gear at speed. Downshifting manually to lower speed (eg. 3rd) restored function and could be upshifted to top gear (drive). Car began slipping between shifts. Then almost complete loss of forward function by transmission. Reverse is fine. Could this be an electrical problerm? What to do
OK I replaced the Ign switch now i do not have any smoke protruding from the switch got juice from sw and to starter but no action from starter the voltage actually increaces when sw is fully engaged? silinoid?
i need to know please the meaning of Multi-Function switch-F125 it appears on my super scaner i don not know its meaning to repair it...
A few weeks ago my speedometer and odometer stopped working. The gas, temp, and oil gages still work. Sometimes the they will work when I start up but once I turn on the car off and back on they don't. Just would like to know what it could be before i take it in to get fixed so i don't get ripped off.

Thanks in advance
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